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City Clinic specializes in birthmarks, blotches, moles, keloids, and various allergosis with the laser of the latest techology.The clinic is also equipped with several latest machines and ready for your treatment. Please be free to call us. We would love to answer your questions.

LASER SKIN RESURFACING Outpatients Department

  • NEVUS (birthmarks) Outpatients Department
    Blue Marks : Ota's nevus, mongolian spots etc.
    Red Marks : Hemangioma Simplex, strawberry marks etc.
    Black Marks : Lentigo, Nevus cell Nevus, etc.
    Brown Marks : Nevus spilus, cafe au lait spots etc.
    White Marks : Leukoplakia etc.
  • Chloasma (blotch, freckles, pigmentation etc.)
  • Capillarectasia(red face, red nose etc.)
  • Scars·Keloids (surgery scars on stomach, a burn etc.)
  • Warts·Corns
  • Removing Tattoo·Art Makeup
  • Ecphyma (syringoma, fibroma, fibroma molle, etc.)
  • Wrinkles
  • Rough Skin·Pimples·Pimple Marks

LASER Special Patients Department

  • Various Allergosis
  • Atopy·Allergic Rhinitis
  • Stiff Shoulders·Back Pain

COSMETIC SURGERY Outpatients department

  • Laser Treatment for Wrinkle
  • Body Order·Sudoresis
  • Depilation·Piercing Ears etc.
A Farewell to Blotches, Freckles and Birthmarks

Information on the Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser is the artificial light of various superior ability which is said to be the best invention of the century. The laser treatment is the latest medical technology which utilizes the characteristic that the laser has high selectivity against colors brown and black to destroy and transpire melanin etc. in an instant. The laser treatment is the treatment of a short time and less pain.

Treatment of blotches, freckles or birthmarks only takes a moment with laser.
The laser is applied to a square meter at a time.
The irradiating time is one-thousandth second.
The pain is tolerable even for children. The ointment allaying the pain can be applied, in case patients feel uneasy about the pain.
The laser irradiated portion will come off as a scab in about a week. In case of spots and freckles, one treatment completes all.

About the Laser Treatment

If the laser within visual range is irradiated on the skin surface, a part of it reflects on the surface and the rest penetrates the skin. The strength of the laser lessens as it is scattered and absorbed at each layer of the epidermis and cutis. As for the treatment of the melanin pigmentation, the longer the wavelength, increases the effect against the melanin of depth as the decrease of laser by scattering lessenes, although the absorption lessens. The laser is the best-balanced wavelength agaist the absorption of the pigment and the normal tissue. The shorter the irradiating time, the less the solidification death of the surrounding (normal) tissue by the heat conduction, which is necessary for the treatment of depth. LRT-301A/QS qualifies the above conditions as the oscillating wavelength 694mm and irradiating time 30ns, which is developed as the device to treat the Ota's nevus, etc.

If the laser is irradiated, it is absorbed by the pigment near the surface. The pigment which absorbed laser is destroyed and phagocytized by macrophage.

As the irradiation is repeated, the pigment of the surface layer is destroyed gradually and the laser reaches deep to the skin.

The pigment will disappear.



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