Q&A on the Laser TreatmenRecommending Medical Examination for Companies and Annual Checkups

This is the medical examination program to detect a disease in its early stages and to check one's health by over 60 examination items aiming at prevention of geriatric diseases in about 4 hours. It is suitable for the company health control since the examination results are recorded and stored at our clinic for the necessary references. The condition of health and physical constitution vary from person to person, as their looks vary. We respect the life style and the social background of each individual so as to examine collectively the changes of the mind and the body. Please be free to contact us.

The Head Physician

The Examination Items of the Medical Checkups
1 Measurement of the body Height, weight, degree of obesity, standard weight
2 Respiratory apparatus
lung cancer
Chest X-rays (front, side), stethoscope, expectorate cytodiagnosis (examination for lung cancer), lung function measurement (expected vital capacity, vital capacity, % vital capacity, one second rate)
3 Sense organs Visual acuity, hearing, intraocular tension (early detection of glaucoma), eyeground camera (early detection of arterial sclerosis)
4 Circulatory apparatus
heart diseases
Blood pressure, stethoscope, electrocardiogram, load electrocardiogram(after exercise), biochemical test=total cholesterol, fat, high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), uric acid
5 Digestive apparatus
stomach cancer·esophagus cancer
liver cancer
pancreas cancer
large intestine cancer
Touching stomach, esophagus, stomach, duodenum X-rays, liver, gallbladder,pancreas ultrasonography, touching rectum anus, biochemical test=total protein,albumin, A/G, ZTT, LDH, cholinesterase, GOT, GPT, ?-GTP, LAP, Al-P, total bilirubin, HBs antigen, HBs, antibody (liver diseases), serum amylase (pancreas diseases), stool test (occult blood, parasite eggs)
6 Urinary organs
renal cancer
prostate cancer
Urine test (sugar, protein, PH, occult blood), renal ultrasonography (renal cancer,stone), touching prostate (male only), biochemical test=sodium, potassium, chrole(renal capsule diseases), creatine, urea nitrogen (test for renal insufficiency)
7 Diabetes Uric sugar, blood sugar, HbAl
8 Blood diseases
anemia, leukemia
Red blood cell number, hematocrit, hemoglobin, MCV, MCH, MCHC, white blood cell number, white blood cell percentage



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